Sunday, September 17, 2006

Courtney, the clouds

Name:  Courtney
From:  Severn, Maryland, USA
Date of tattoo:  2006 September 8th
Location on body:  Lower back
Tattooist:  Dave Sobel
Studio:  Baltimore Tattoo Museum
Location:  Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Gallery debut:  2006 September 17th

Quotation tattoo is based on:
"Kūkulu ka `ike i ka `ōpua" (The revelations are in the clouds). ~Hawaiian Proverb

Courtney's comments:
To me the skies are infinitely inspiring. As a photographer, skies are my favorite subject. I am always in awe of a beautiful sky, any time of day, any time of year, and in any kind of weather. In Hawaiian culture, clouds also symbolize thoughts and by that this proverb also means that the answers can be found within ourselves.

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