Monday, June 5, 2006

Becca, by her own wings

Name:  Becca Orchard
From:  Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Date of tattoo:  June 2, 2006
Tattooist:  Joe
Studio:  Art in Motion
Location:  Medina, Ohio, USA
Gallery debut:  2006 June 5th

Quotation tattoo is based on:
"Alis volat propiis"  (She flies by her own wings.)

Becca's comments:
The quote reads in Latin "Alis volat propiis," and is in fact the state motto of Oregon (that, however, was not why I got the tattoo. I actually have never even been to Oregon). It means "She flies by her own wings." As you can see, it has a strong meaning besides that of a state motto. I have always been a very independent person, and after going through a very difficult time, I decided to honor that fact, and to remind me to rely more on my own inner strength. My very conservative mother went with me when I got this tattoo, and got one on the outside of her right wrist, her first tattoo at the age of 46!

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